Board Creep: What a Board Can and Cannot Do

” Board Creep: What a Board Can and Cannot Do” by Adam Hathaway, PRP

Board Creep is the tendency of boards and committees to assume more authority than has been delegated to them. This session will cover board duties and operations and will clarify the source and limits of their powers.

 Adam Hathaway, MPA, PRP, is the Parliamentarian and a Past President of the New Mexico State Association of Parliamentarians and the Albuquerque Parliamentarian Unit.  Adam is serving his second two year term as a Director-at-Large to the National Association of Parliamentarians Board of Directors. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Masonic Charities Foundation of New Mexico and is a Past Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico. Adam has taught leadership and parliamentary procedure classes at the national, state and local levels, both in person and virtually. His parliamentary clients include non-profit organizations; government agencies, boards and committees; and a federal credit union. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication.