Adam Hathaway, PRP

Adam Hathaway, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, is the Parliamentarian for the New Mexico State Association of Parliamentarians as well as its Immediate Past President.

His parliamentary credentials, the highest that can be attained through the National Association of Parliamentarians,, are augmented by his expertise with organizations of all types and his education, having a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication. Adam has served as Parliamentarian and provided parliamentary and leadership training for international, national, state and local organizations. He is a clear communicator and dynamic presenter. His clients consistently give him the highest marks for his ability to advise as a meeting parliamentarian and for his educational programs.

As a result of his instruction and mentorship, his clients report an increase in their understanding of parliamentary procedure and meeting management as well as the ability to accomplish more business at meetings in much less time. He asserts that the key to successful meetings is to conduct business in less time with greater participation and without confusion.

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